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Then, if you do need to brake suddenly, the brake light should hopefully prompt the tailgater to take some evasive action.

This won’t entirely eliminate the risk of getting rear-ended but at least there’ll be less damage at a slower speed.

Honesty is an absolute necessity for the lawful operation of our reporting service, anything less renders our site and your report useless.

We are not a Road Rage site or a conduit for your anger, if you want to scream, shout, or abuse, please do not use this site.

The form does ask for all of your personal details such as your name, house number and email address but there is a statement on the form to tell you that your information will not be released to anyone or any third parties, meaning that whilst you are not reporting the incident(s) anonymously, there will be no way of anyone else knowing that it was you who reported the incident, other than officials at the DVLA.

You will also be asked to provide the details of the driver in question, including his name, address etc.

It replaces the former offence of reckless driving.

If you see dangerous driving, whether that be an intoxicated and disorderly driver, an elderly driver seemingly with eyesight or co-ordination issues or just someone that seems to have little knowledge of the road or other drivers around them, it is important that the incident is reported to prevent them eventually causing something fatal.In this context, "dangerous" refers to danger either of injury to any person or of serious damage to property; and in determining what would be expected of, or obvious to, a competent and careful driver in a particular case, regard shall be had not only to the circumstances of which he could be expected to be aware but also to any circumstances shown to have been within the knowledge of the accused.The essential limbs, as is common ground, do not require any specific intent to drive dangerously. The concept of what is obvious to a careful driver places the question of what constitutes dangerous driving within the province of the jury.Our reporting service is designed to inform drivers of their bad, dangerous, or reckless driving.With this in mind it is hoped they will drive more considerately and carefully in the future epecially if they know their vehicle has lost its anonymity. In essence, the Hawthorne Effect can be summarized as individual behaviour may be altered because they know their actions are being monitored and could be reported on, with the resultant response usually being a dramatic or partial improvement.

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