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Eigene Auftritte, bei denen sie ihre Lieder vorstellen könnte, sind für Violet undenkbar, da sie zu viel Lampenfieber hat, eine Eigenschaft, die sie laut ihrem Vater mit ihrer ebenfalls musizierenden Mutter gemeinsam hat.Nachdem Einbrecher ihre Wohnung ausgeräumt haben, wird ihr das Geld knapp.Catch is that her mode of survival until her big break is mixing drinks and performing for the garrulous, whooping patrons of bar Coyote Ugly, where the staff must hop on the bar and do bumps and grinds and the Texas Two-Step.Although Violet’s hometown is not geographically far from New York, her native land of South Amboy, N. is made to seem like it might as well be Nome, Alaska.One pizza guy hero was brutally honest, though, and we have to give him props for that. Blake Pendlebury, the owner of Gaslight Pizza, was out with his friends, enjoying a horse race and a couple of drinks, when he remembered, like so many of us do, “oh shit, I have work tonight.”While you and I (me, a writer, and you, hopefully not an EMT or something) can simply waltz into work drunk as a skunk, it's not so true for Pendlebury.Pendlebury, who was forced to close his Queensland, Australia shop due to drinks and his horse winning a race, was totally honest in his apology note to customers.

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Pretty hard for a vegetarian like me." "I love ice-cream" she laughs. He'd never say, "We need to work on the social ramifications of a scene." In his trailer she saw two huge sundaes.19/10/00 Extracts from Piper Perabo Interview - Hot Tickets (UK) "The story of me and Adam Garcia (her very attractive Aussie love interest)......I think audiences will be surprised and happy with what they come away with.Coyote Ugly (Verweistitel: Coyote Ugly – Sie wollen alles, und das sofort) ist ein Film des Regisseurs David Mc Nally und wurde im Jahr 2000 in den Vereinigten Staaten gedreht.Die Hauptrollen werden von Piper Perabo und Adam Garcia gespielt.

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