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For commercial guys it was easy to integrate with control panel as everything can be created and managed using powershell.You need to Perform Some Check Lists before implementing Address Book Policies in your environment. Address book Policies will work only on Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3 or later severs. Exchange Servers should not be installed on (Global Catalog Servers)GC or (Domain Controllers) DC where it will break the Address book policies while viewing from Outlook Clients. Any Client Device or Client Software which can access Active Directory directly for Directory Access then ABP will fail to work For Example like hard coding Outlook to Domain controllers, Also old clients Entourage 2008, Outlook for Mac 2011 4.network access), permissions, or address book configuration on the Lync server.This post provides solutions to 4 common issues, and some basics on the Lync address book implementation to further your understanding.Four common problems and their solutions are listed below.1] The Persistent Message “” in the Lync Client When the Lync client is run for the first time it chooses a random time between 1 – 59 min to download the Lync address book (from the FE server).Also, and this is important, check to make sure that you have either an Enterprise (E) or an Educational (A) Office 365 subscription level.Address book policy routing is currently not supported on lower subscription levels and instructions in this article will not work.

We also need to enable Address Book Policy Routing in Exchange Online.What is Address Book Policy with short history In Layman’s Term Every Department will See their own Global Address list.Commercial GAL segregation wasn’t Supported in Exchange 2003/2007.Previously the only supported devices that used the Office Communicator Phone Edition client were the Microsoft reference-design “Tanjay” family of devices: the Polycom CX700 and LG-Nortel IP8540.Both phones were identical and used the exact same software so a single installation package was distributed and updated on a regular basis.

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