Dating a guy who used to be fat

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A FFB is what the name implies: someone who used to be fat or they could still be slightly on the chubby side (think of the big powerlifter who eats a bit too much).

This is not a blanket statement as there are always exceptions but in my experience many of the bigger, younger guys in the gym have a history of being a part of the FFB club.

I am willing to bet many of the guys reading this were FFB’s.

As a FFB I know we tend to think our metabolisms are subpar or we can’t build muscle efficiently due to our endomorphic proportions.

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She thinks about food constantly, feels she has no self-control over her eating, and despite pressure from her mom to lose pounds, she's been unable to stick to any diet.

Suddenly I was able to taste freedom, and forbidden foods - and my weight increased.

It’s typical that when a child has a behaviour restricted, they do the precise opposite as soon as they get the chance. I went from seven and a half stone at the age of 11 to a massive 17 stone by the time I was 16, even though I was a mere 5’8 in height. It was presumed by everyone that I was just being greedy, and rebellious, and that I needed punishing.

Gabriella's weight has become a real power struggle between her and her mom, and she knows she needs someone to help her break the cycle.

She says she has never felt normal or skinny and wonders sometimes if she'll ever know what it means to feel that way.

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