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Our favorite part of family holidays is after dessert, when we clear the table for a game of “SPOONS.” Our family dynamic is well-suited to this simple, fast-paced game. Players continue to pass cards around the circle to the dealer. The first player to collect four of a kind takes a spoon (discreetly) from the center, but continues to pass cards.

There are half-hearted attempts at cheating, affectionate name-calling, and exaggerated tales of misconduct. Alas, our games often end when these traits get the better of us: it’s impossible to carry on because we’re laughing so much, something breaks, or occasionally, someone bleeds. As soon as players notice a spoon missing they must obtain one for themselves.

Inside the typical Victorian house, fireworks burned and 'exploding bon-bons' (known as crackers from the 1920's onwards) were pulled to the delight of all when small toys and trinkets poured out.

Back Flip In increments of 2, place pencils on the back of hand and then flip them off and catch all of them ending with 12 Ball Cap Drop golf balls onto tops of glass soda bottles and displace upside-down bottle cap on top of each.

That great British institution, the pantomime, was an exciting Christmas ritual for all, and from Boxing Day onwards all the major theatres around Britain were packed to capacity with patrons eager to see a lavishly-staged play.

Home entertainment was especially popular at Christmas time, except for servants, post office and railway employees for whom it was work as usual.

Only after the Restoration thirteen years later were celebrations brought, once more, to the fore, and even in King Henry VIII's day, games were restricted to Christmas time alone.

The nostalgic Victorians were responsible for resurrecting Christmas as we now know it, and they celebrated the festive season with much gusto.

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