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They say I'm really good and they tip me generously.

They want me to become something in life so I have gotten used to performing little favors..."I dont consider myself a puta at all, I am blessed with an asshole that can take two dicks at one time.

"I go to college and I work as a maid in a retirement community afterwards.

I SUCK and JACK OFF residents of the complex to pay my tuition.

Sandy, Norma, Max and their new friend Brooke were hanging around Sandy’s house, they were bored.“Let’s take a walk around the grounds, it’s unhealthy sitting in this bedroom all day”, said Sandy.“Great idea, I just feel like a walk”, said the others heading for the door.“This place is enormous, how does your Daddy keep the lawns cut”.

Sandy laughed, “he doesn’t, there’s an army of gardeners and grooms to look after everything, there are stables, even a sort of private zoo”.

Our body worship phone sex sessions are never disappointing and usually end with us being passed out.

He always finds a way to sneak in a few orgasms into my busy day without me even knowing he’s on his way.

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I’m sure my friend wondered what happened to us but I was too deep into the moment to care.The girls looked at each other, “wow, that’s some cock”, that would take some sucking”, laughed Max“It sure would”, laughed the other three.“Be fun trying though, wouldn’t it”, said Sandy coyly looking at the others.They watched as the horse mounted the young mare and began to fuck her, it didn’t take long, they heard a whoosh and the horse had cum in her.“That’s not much of a fuck is it, poor mare”, laughed Max, “you’d think with a cock like that he give her a good fucking, maybe I could step in instead”.“You’re mad, mad Max, that’s what we’ll call you, after the film mad Max”, said Norma.This Animal sex story was exclusively written for love horses, can we see the stables”, said Brooke.“Sure, this way, they’re over here”.The girls followed Sandy until they came to a huge paddock, some men were working in there with a couple of ponies.

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